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About the Artist

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, ZERB is well known for always pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

With an early introduction to music and self-taught production skills, ZERB has thrilled audiences in the thousands on the stages of Lollapalooza and Rock in Rio.

His journey took flight with a breakout remix of ZHU’s “Faded” with Vintage Culture, followed by an Official Remix of Ookay’s “Thief,” hailed as an improved rendition by the original artist himself.

ZERB’s distinct style, rooted in authenticity and unique musical expression, sets him apart as a beacon among Brazilian producers. His first solo EP, “Still Unknown,” marked a pivotal moment, steering away from trends and carving his own path. His latest and second EP, “SURRENDER” is the result of 10 years of music, where ZERB continues to captivate audiences globally, bridging cultures through his unparalleled musical proposals.

This chapter in his artistic journey is not just a beginning but a testament to his unwavering dedication to uniting people through the power of music.

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